In a luxurious Aesthetic Clinic in Hale, we spotted Seema Malhotra, wearing a bright green jacket from her own fashion label and looking happy, glowing and relaxed. The cast member of ‘The Real Housewives of Cheshire’ agreed to sit down with us and talk about her favourite beauty treatment. ‘I’m here to talk about the MILUX face mask that I’ve been using’, she says.

The MILUX LED face mask is the latest innovation on the skin care market and uses specific wavelengths of LED lights to get under the skin and stimulate cells. It is a completely non-invasive treatment but has been scientifically proven to rejuvenate, calm and smooth the skin.

‘I just want to tell everyone that I think it’s the most amazing treatment,’ says Seema with a big smile on her face. LED light therapy is the latest skin care trend and is taking over the beauty industry. The MILUX LED face mask has been praised by many celebrities and major influencers worldwide. The secret of the mask is the specific wavelengths it uses to penetrate the skin and achieve optimal cellular stimulation. Only specified wavelengths are able to affect the cells to stimulate collagen production and support the natural healing processes of the skin.

These are just a few benefits that Seema Malhotra noticed herself: ‘I’ve been going through having these breakouts regularly and I’ve found since using the mask it has reduced the redness. My skin feels a lot firmer and I just feel like it heals my skin after having treatments like a hydro facial.’

Its skin recovery properties are one of the biggest benefits of the MILUX face mask. Its use after cosmetic and aesthetic treatments like dermal fillers, hydro facials, chemical peels and others, can help reduce the downtime by aiding the skins natural healing process. The mask works with three different settings: The red, blue and pink mode, latter is a combination of the first two. Each setting has its own results as Seema explains: ‘I feel the red light has really helped the elastin and collagen in my skin and the blue light has actually helped the acne breakouts that I’ve been having.’

At first glance, the unusual design of the mask might be intimidating but the benefits of it far outweigh its looks and take it from Seema herself: ‘If I’m honest you don’t really feel anything. Even though you’ve got your eyes covered you can tell the light is changing from the red light to the blue light.’

The MILUX mask has already taken Hollywood by storm and has now finally found its way to the UK thanks to Fox Clinic Wholesale who holds the UK distribution rights for the innovative skin care mask. LED therapy is the future of skin care and the beauty industry has been waiting for a non-invasive treatment which rejuvenates the skin, reduces redness and, to let Seema describe it: ‘it does give your skin such a glow, you know!’