This week marks Mental Health Awareness Week and, with this year’s theme focusing on Body Image, the Mental Health Foundation is encouraging all to #BeBodyKind and take a little extra time out of each day to look after ourselves.

Fox CBD Oil is an Organically Grown Hemp food supplement which some studies have shown it has a diversity of health benefits including improved sleep, increased energy levels and a reduction in stress and anxiety levels.

We asked three customers, Skoti, Greg and Chris, how Fox CBD Oil had improved their lifestyle – see what they had to say.

How has Fox CBD Oil helped you?

Skoti: Fox CBD Oil has helped improve my life by being able to calm down my brain a lot and help to break down mental barriers. It’s also helped with recovery such as joint issues.

Greg: Before starting with Fox CBD Oil, I was suffering with anxiety and depression. Taking CBD Oil has made a huge difference and I’ve found that I’m no longer anxious anymore while I’m using it.

Chris: I’m a commercial photographer who often suffers with joint pain from being on my feet all day. After a few days of taking Fox CBD Oil, I realised I had no aches and could focus on my job rather than the pain.

Greg CBD

Would you recommend Fox CBD Oil?

Skoti: Yes, because it’s organic and has all the right things in to improve my body on a physical and mental level. I also find that it’s very easy to carry round and pack in my bag for when I need it on-the-go.

Greg: As a personal trainer, Fox CBD Oil has helped me half my recovery time so I’d definitely recommend to other active people.

Chris: Definitely. Taking CBD Oil has relieved pains and allowed me to sit back without focusing on the pain in my legs.

Get involved with Mental Health Awareness this week by sitting out and making one change to your hectic lifestyle. Fox CBD Oil is available to buy from Fox Clinic Wholesale. We would love to know how it’s improved your life.