Here at Fox Clinic Wholesale, we’re CBD enthusiasts and have been impressed with the benefits that the oil has to offer. Including sleep improvement, soothing anxiety and increasing energy levels, it’s no surprise to see that the cannabidol supplement has even made an impression on Kim Kardashian, who recently held a CBD-themed baby shower to treat her guests.

Kim’s nearest and dearest indulged in several CBD-infused products including oils, so let us share our top benefits of the oil that is available to buy from Fox Clinic.


Fox CBD Oil helps towards a great nights sleep as, due to its Serotonergic activity, it has potential to treat insomnia. Further to this, studies have found that CBD Oil has contributed to a reduction in stress, and therefore a better night’s sleep, for sufferers of PTSD.


The effects of CBD oil on the brain’s receptors have shown benefits of reducing pain and relieving symptoms caused by arthritis, chronic pain, MS pain and muscle pain. Further to this, the effect of CBD has also been found to hold anti-inflammatory properties which offers benefits for acne management.


CBD has proven to be an effective natural remedy for anxiety sufferers, due to the way the oils alter the body’s serotonin signals. From several studies, results have found a stress reduction which lowered behavioural signs of anxiety.


Cannabidiol has the potential to increase wakefulness during daylight hours due to it’s effect on the dopaminergic system.

How can CBD oil improve your lifestyle? The Kardashian’s may be using it for their baby showers, but we’re fans of the everyday benefits. To buy your Fox CBD Oil, visit our website here.