Have you heard?! Our product range is expanding, we have introduced even more high-quality and affordable dermal fillers. From range expansions to new brands get to know our new dermal fillers today and discover your favorite product.

Enhance natural curves

Introducing HYAcorp Body contouring MLF2, an innovative absorbable implant that works to enhance larger areas of the body. The HYAcorp range offers two products HYAcorp body contouring MLF1, which is perfect for smaller areas such as hands and calves whilst MLF2 works best on larger areas such as breast and buttocks. The perfect treatment for clients looking to enhance their natural curves.

Stop wrinkles in their tracks

New dermal filler, Ellanse has unique properties that aid in the correction of wrinkles and folds whilst also stimulating collagen production. The collagen stimulation then acts by treating the underlying cause of facial ageing before it begins. Customers can benefit from long lasting and natural results from this rejuvenating procedure. Ellanse product range consists of S, M, L and E and can be purchased online now

Introducing Perfectha Dermal Filler. With 5 product variations Perfectha has the most extensive range of all our new fillers. Perfectha compliment and Perfectha finelines are ideal for superficial skin depressions and light wrinkles, whilst Perfectha derm is suggested for use of more persistent lines and can also be used for lip enhancement. Perfectha deep and Subskin works by creating volume and can be used for facial contouring in areas such as nose bridge, cheekbones and chin.

We’ve also introduced Sugriderm and Sculptura to our dermal filler range. Sugriderm’s crosslinked hyaluronic acid formula is perfect for deep lines and enhancing the lips natural shape whilst Sculptra works by restoring the facial volume that ageing diminishes. By improving structural volume, Sculptra creates the youthful appearance that many customers crave.

Revitalize your skin with Mesotherapy

An extension on the Restylane filler range, Restylane Skin Boosters, offers a rejuvenating Mesotheraphy treatment. Mesotherapy is a skincare treatment used to inject vitamins, minerals and nutrients directly into the subcutaneous layer, refreshing tired skin.  Skin Boosters improves skins elasticity, reduces fine lines and smooth imperfections. Restylane skin boosters vital restores the hydration and plumpness that ageing diminishes, whilst Vital light is more suitable for more delicate areas of skin such as neck.

FillMED NCTF, Aquashine soft filler and Aquashine soft filler BR are also now available to create this rejuvenating treatment. By boosting hydration and smoothing fine lines Mesotherapy treatments are growing in popularity due to their ability to create a natural glow from within. Resfresh your look this winter and try out the hottest new skincare treatment with our new range of Mesotherapy dermal fillers.

You can shop our full range of high quality dermal fillers online now at www.foxclinicwholesale.com