We all know the Milux LED Face Mask is having an impact on beauty treatments worldwide. It produces LED Light Therapy and 3 modes for different treatments are available in just the one mask that treats face and neck areas.

Mode 1 – Skin Rejuvenation with LED Photo-Therapy

The first mode of the OPERA LED Face Mask known as the red light causes skin rejuvenation effect by stimulating collagen and elastin production which promotes cellular repair of the skin, leading to a more younger and firmer looking skin.

Mode 2 – Skin Purification with LED Photo-Therapy

The second mode of the OPERA LED Face Mask known as the blue light has anti-bacterial properties which result in the destruction of bacteria without any irritation. It helps purify the skin, preventing any further breakouts, stabilizing oil glands and calm inflammation.

Mode 3 – Post Care with LED Photo-Therapy

The third mode of the OPERA LED Face Mask, known as the combination of the red and blue light helps penetrate deep into the skin layers which helps lead to an increase of blood flow, bringing elevated levels of oxygen and nutrients to the face while as the same time replenishing dermal and epidermal cells.