Throughout 2018, top filler treatments included lips, noses and cheeks with the top under-rated treatment being the temple filler. Fast forward to 2019 and we’re turning to the latest trends for the new year, so far. Which is your favourite? We would love to know which you’re tempted by!

The Quiet Facelift

According to industry experts, the ‘temporal facelift’, also known as the ‘mini’ or ‘secret facelift’ is set to become one of the fastest growing cosmetic surgery procedures in 2019. With many patients looking to find a more natural looking procedure, this is an exciting time for products such as REVOLAX that work to improve wrinkles, folds and add volume to facial tissue.

The Reign of Fillers

With delicacy increasing in importance, we’ve waved goodbye to over-filled, unnatural lips and look forward to seeing the continued reign of subtle cosmetic procedures. Dermal fillers are now used as an effective alternative to rhinoplasty with nose reshaping, jawline reshaping and lip augmentation. This enhances the contours and we’re looking forward to seeing the trend continue.

Best Foot Forward

After rumour of The Duchess of Sussex receiving bunion treatment, the #MeghanMarkleEffect has taken the cosmetic trends by storm. With a surge of bunion treatment increasing rapidly, the benefits are becoming increasingly advantageous.

We’re looking forward to seeing further trends throughout the coming year and, with REVOLAX, the Nation’s favourite dermal filler in our repertoire,  Fox Clinic Wholesale can’t wait to help you get involved.