Body contouring procedures are on the rise with the market value set to increase to £830 million by 2022. The demand for physique altering treatments comes as no surprise with influencers like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner showing off their curves. Body contouring treatments claim to give you the curves that nature may not have blessed you with whilst toning and slimming down other areas. Now women and men alike can seek body contouring treatments to add volume to areas they are not happy with.

Non-surgical body contouring can refer to a of several different treatments and procedures including cellulite reduction, intralipotherapy and the use of dermal fillers to add shape.

At Fox Clinic Wholesale we stock a range of high-quality dermal fillers that offer different results, one such dermal filler HYAcorp. This dermal filler offers clients an opportunity to enhance their natural curves and add volume to areas of the body they may be unhappy with.

Hyacorp Body Contouring consists of highly purified hyaluronic acid from non-animal origin and is separated into MLF 1 and ML2, both designed to target areas of the body. The clear gel of cross-linked HA helps to correct the volume of the body to achieve a more contoured shape.

The most popular use for this innovative filler it to enhance natural curves in areas such as the buttocks, creating a safer and effective alternative to plastic surgery. Clinical studies show that men and women are often looking for ways to improve their figure, whilst maintaining a natural finish, with HYAcorp this is achievable due to the soft texture of the formula.

Hyacorp Body Contouring can also be used to contour calves and correction of concave deformities. More and more men have resorted to filling injections for the body (calves), instead of surgical procedures.

The hyaluronic acid formula is naturally present within the body and therefore biocompatible and biodegradable. Whilst the results are not a permanent fix unlike surgery, they can alter a person’s silhouette for up to 6-8 months before a top up treatment will be needed.

Many people are choosing to enhance their physique using non invasive methods now due to its appealing benefits of no downtime and low risk of infection and scarring.

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