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Juvederm ULTRA 4 is Dermal Filler designed to work on the deepest lines and wrinkles on the face, filling them in with greater structure and support for a revitalised and youthful appearance.

The pair of 1.0 ml syringes provide a slightly greater quantity of product than some of the alternatives Dermal Fillers, ensuring you have the capacity to fully eliminate deep-set furrows.

Effects are instantaneous upon application and should last for at least six months, and anywhere up to a year or more depending on how animated the face is in the area.

At the end of this time, Juvederm ULTRA 4 Dermal Filler leaves no lasting visible effects, allowing further treatments to be carried out in the same area.

With a gentle application needle that should not cause significant discomfort to the recipient, Juvederm ULTRA 4 is ideal for sensitive parts of the face and to re-establish the natural contours of the flesh.


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