OVEO Plasma Pen Aftercare


Scabbing should have occurred and will naturally fall off with 3-7 days post treatment. Do not touch or pick the treated area. Keep the area and scabbing hydrated by applying aloe vera up to three times daily. The area must be kept clean using lukewarm boiled water but do not clean use any alcohol-based cleansers.

Whilst side effects or complications rarely occur with the OVEO Plasma Pen, aftercare information should be provided to all patients to help speed up recovery. Rare complications or side effects are usually caused by an existing contraindication or a failure to comply with the aftercare management.

  • Slight swelling and sensitivity are expected and completely normal, especially with non-surgical blepharoplasty. This should pass within 1-5 days post treatment and is dependant on the tolerances of the patient.
  • It is important that the treated area must not be covered with any type of plaster or dressing.
  • Make up and skincare products must be avoided in the treated area until it is fully healed.
  • Aloe Vera masks may be used to treat any redness and swelling.
  • Avoid direct heat or exercise for 12 hours after treatment as this may exacerbate any inflammation to the treated area.
  • After the area is healed it is recommended to use factor 50 sunscreen for around 12 weeks r if you have to go into direct sunlight.
  • Men should avoid shaving over any area that has been treated until the skin has fully healed.

  • Drinking water and adding vitamin supplements into your diet may help shorten your treatment recovery time.
OVEO Plasma Pen