Aesthetic World

More and more trends surface every day and keep the beauty world on its toes. While a lot of the new trends are improvements to already existing treatments, there are always ne innovations hitting the market, trying to convince the industry of their importance.

The same principle applies to the aesthetic industry. A growing number of surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatments are joining the industry and are increasing the offering of procedures and treatments. Facelifts are no longer just facelifts. Those interested can now choose between surgical, non-surgical, mini and full-face lifts which can understandably confuse a lot of clients.

To help understand the world of aesthetic treatments, we have compiled a list of some key treatments, everyone should be aware of and have provided information on each treatment to help make sense of the overwhelming world of aesthetics.

1. Fillers

Fillers gained in popularity when the Kardashians and other celebrities started to openly address their non-surgical changes to their faces. Fillers can be categorised into several different terms depending on their key ingredients. The most popular ones are hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers which can last between 6 and 18 months, depending on the brand, and are dissolvable in the case of an emergency or if the result is not as expected. HA fillers are also the preferred product for non-surgical facelifts since they are quite versatile in their usage. Fillers can fill wrinkles, enhance facial features and contour the face.

Other types of fillers include Polylactic acid fillers (like Sculptra) and Calcium hydroxylapatite (like Radiesse). Both fillers are less common but have their own benefits. Polylactic acid fillers stimulate your body’s own collagen production which means, the results last up to 2 years. Calcium hydroxylapatite fillers are gained from non-animal substances which decreases the risk of allergic reactions and it can treat moderate to severe wrinkles and volume loss with impressive results. However, Calcium hydroxylapatite fillers are not easily dissolved like HA dermal fillers which is a significant difference.

2. Botulinum Toxin (Botox)

Toxins used to be the most known aesthetic treatment and have gained a lot of attention in the last decade. Unlike fillers, Toxins do not add volume to the face but interrupt the signalling process of nerves which paralyses the targeted muscles. As a result, the skin stops wrinkling and the looks smoother. The neurotoxin needs to be injected in small dosages and can last up to 6 months.

Botulinum Toxin is used to smooth out deep wrinkles by stopping the muscle from moving and can also be used as a preventative measure to stop unwanted wrinkles from developing in the first place. The trend towards preventative injections is increasing and more and more patient in their late 20s are finding their ways into the clinics to take measures against the dreaded forehead wrinkles and frown lines.

3. Mesotherapy

The latest skincare trend called mesotherapy uses injections to insert a vitamin, minerals, amino acid and nutrients cocktail directly into the skin where they can work immediately. Several injections can improve the look and texture of the skin. Products like Fillmed include 55 ingredients for healthier skin including hyaluronic acid which helps plump up the skin and hydrate it from the inside. Mesotherapy can treat the face, décolleté, neck and the back of the hand. The vitamin cocktail includes ingredients which can stimulate the natural production of collagen to further increase the skins elasticity as well as amino acids to help with skin repair and strengthen the texture.

4. LED Light Therapy

Light therapy was created by NASA in the 1950s to help astronauts who had spent a lot of time in weightless environments. The benefits of LED lights have since been studied more and have been utilised in the aesthetic industry in the form of the MILUX LED Face Mask and other similar masks.

LED light therapy uses specific wavelengths which penetrate the skin to work on a cellular level. By stimulating collagen and elastin production, reducing inflammation and controlling the secretion of sebum, the treatment has a wide range of effects. The mask is suitable for every skin tone and the type and can reduce redness, sooth acne outbreaks and existing acne scars, control oily skin, reduce the downtime after non-surgical aesthetic treatments and tighten the face. All these benefits can be achieved by regular non-invasive LED light therapy sessions.

MIlux Mask

With the aesthetic industry constantly growing, new trends and innovations are constantly flooding the market. At Fox Clinic Wholesale, only the best products make the offering which means clients can be assured that they are receiving thoroughly tested and safe products they can trust.