Oily or dry skin? Are blemishes, large pores, fine wrinkles, pigmentations, age spots or scars on your face bothering you? Fox Clinic Wholesale has the answer to all these problems and many more. Years of research into LED lights and their impact on the human skin, have led to the revolutionary development of the MILUX LED Face Mask. State of the art technology meets skin care. Fox Clinic Wholesale is known for its anti-aging and rejuvenating products and has added another holy grail to its collection.

The MILUX Mask works with three different LED light settings: red, blue and pink. Each setting promotes a different health benefit for the skin.

MIlux LED Mask Red Mode

Red Setting

The red mode reaches all the way to the dermis for the improvement of wrinkles through boosting the production of collagen and elastin. Both are proteins great for firming and toning the skin. On top of that, collagen also helps to support the function of wound healing. Due to the increased production of collagen, the red setting will help improve sun damage and reduce the downtime after dermal filler, Botox, laser, micro-needling and chemical peel treatments.

The wavelength of the red LED lights reduces redness, blemishes, scarring, raised moles, while spots, freckles age spots and pigmentations. The red mode will take care of many skin problems while brightening the face and giving a naturally glowing look to the skin.

Blue Setting

The second setting the MILUX Mask has to offer is the blue setting which reaches the epidermis. It is a great choice for patients with inflammatory skin problems like acne to calm their skin. The blue light promotes and anti-microbial effect and prohibits the generation of acne bacteria.

It also reduces redness while calming inflammations. The blue light can stabilize the glands responsible for secreting sebum, the oily substance which covers human hair and skin. An overproduction of sebum can we reduced and balanced with the blue mode of the MILUX Mask.

MIlux LED Mask Blue Mode
MIlux LED Mask Pink Mode

Pink Setting

The third setting combines the red and blue lights and adds another level of wavelengths which makes the pink setting, the all-rounder of the MILUX MASK that reaches all the way down to the hypodermic tissue. On top of the above-mentioned benefits, the pink light stimulates the production of mitochondria and ATP within the cells. The result is newly produced and longer living anti-aging enzymes.

By combining all three different LED lights and wavelengths the near infrared rays penetrate the skin and reach through all three layers (epidermis, dermis and hypodermis) of the skin and can therefore target all skin cells.

The MILUX LED Face Mask works by stimulating the protein and cells within the body and can help with many different skin conditions. For the LED lights to function properly and grant those skin benefits, the wavelengths must operate specifically. The necessary technology is achieved with the MILUX Mask and allows the user to benefit from all the research concerning LED treatments for the skin.