MHRA Revolax CE

Last week Fox Group had a spot check visit from the Senior Medical Devices Investigator of the MHRA. Something that we are always happy to accommodate to help promote industry standards and to maintain a close working relationship with the MHRA.

Below is an excerpt from the final report that the senior investigator submitted to the board:

“I was very impressed overall with the way that Fox Pharma conduct their business with regards to medical devices, they hold good quality records/data that they can rely on and carry out their due diligence and product traceability in a professional manner.

They were receptive to my visit and provided full assistance.

I have no concerns over the way they are distributing the dermal filler medical devices and only wish more distributers were acting in the same way.”

Senior Medical Devices Investigator, MHRA
28th February 2019


Here at Fox Group, we pride ourselves on our quality products and high standards, so it is great to receive formal validation from the MHRA. Which serves as an assurance to the industry and our customers that we are a trail blazing organisation that sets the bar high!

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