A well-defined jawline is often looked at as a critical component in the perception of facial attractiveness in both men and women. However, jawline altering surgery and fat-dissolving methods that aim to sculpt the jaw often come with a list of complications and an extensive recovery process. Dermal fillers, however, offer a nonsurgical, temporary method of correcting, slimming or defining jawlines by simply adding volume to create the illusion of a sleek profile.

According to Harper’s Bazaar jawline filler was one of the most requested ‘tweakments’ of 2020, and it is easy to see why. From celebrities to influencers the steady rise of the sculpted jawline has been seen across social media for the last couple of years, with many clinics now offering the treatment as part of a package named after said celebrities such as the Kim K package. One thing that can be said for certain is that jawline filler offers clients an opportunity to completely reshape the look of their face without going under the knife, an appealing concept for many clients who are unhappy with their jaw shape.

Benefits of Jawline Filler

Jawline filler has many benefits including the ability to create a more youthful look in older clients. When we age, we experience a loss of volume in our faces, which can lead to retraction of the jawline. The skin around jawline may also begin to droop creating jowls. Clients may wish to get dermal fillers to add volume and tighten the area resulting in a youthful appearance.

However, women and men of any age can benefit from jawline filler as it helps to create the illusion of a chiselled, more symmetrical jaw in clients. Another benefit of going under the needle as opposed to the knife is the minimal downtime post-treatment. Clients can be in and out in just 30 minutes and there is little to no complications associated with the procedure

Jawline filler for Masculinisation treatments

Jawline filler has not only seen a rise within female clients but also male clients who are looking to undergo masculinisation treatments. These treatment packages tend to include jawline, cheek, and chin injections and look at the ways in which they can achieve a sculpted jawline and more masculine features. Many men are now opting for filler ‘tweakments’ to define their natural assets, this surge in popularity has been attributed to a rise of male social media stars who have documented their experiences with facial fillers, breaking the stigma that fillers are just for women.

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Jawline filler vs Botox

Another method of slimming and altering a weak jawline is the use of Botox on the masseter muscles. Botox is commonly associated with anti-ageing for its ability to freeze facial muscles thus reducing movement and wrinkles. However, jawline Botox can also work to reduce the appearance of a square or prominent jawline and slim down the jaw. Further to this Masseter Botox can also tackle medical issues such as teeth grinding, TMJ disorder and its related headaches. Whilst jawline filler and masseter Botox work toward similar goals, jawline filler is a much better option for clients looking to sculpt their weak jawlines whilst Botox aids in slimming down jawlines in older clients and aiding medical issues.

Dermal filler offers clients an easy and safe route to their dream jawline without the hefty price tag, so it is easy to see why this treatment took 2020 by storm. If you’re looking to create sculpted jawlines for your clients take a look at our range of dermal fillers – SHOP NOW