Summertime is officially over and with it comes the time to regenerate and repair damaged skin. The warm months, sun exposure and beach holidays take their tolls on our skin and with the start of autumn, it is time to give your skin a break and help it recharge.

Autumn is one of the best times for your skin. UV Rays break down collagen within the skin which causes wrinkles and decreases the elasticity of the skin. Once the high temperatures and the intense sun exposure is over, it is time to repair the sun damage and prepare the skin for the cold and drying winter months. Central heating and icy winds are the biggest enemies of every skin type due to them drying out the skin and increasing the risk of cracked lips and dehydrated faces. To combat this in advance, we have compiled a list of treatments to repair and prepare your skin this autumn and rejuvenate your look for the holiday season.

Get your collagen levels back up

One way to help restore your decreased collagen levels is the daily intake of supplements like myvitamins Collagen. This specific supplement contains type I and type III, which are two naturally procuring collagens. The capsules are quickly and easily absorbed and support the natural collagen levels within the body with their specific formula. The supplement can not only help with the skin and joints as well as have a positive impact on one’s digestive system and bones.

Repair UV light damage with healing LED lights

LED light therapy has been scientifically proven to rejuvenate the skin. The specific wavelengths of the lights penetrate the skin and work on a cellular level to stimulate collagen production and increase the metabolic cell activity which means the LED lights can effectively help the skin recover and aid with damages caused by aesthetic treatments and the sun. LED light therapy conducted via the famous MILUX LED Face Mask is quickly becoming a skincare favourite for many clients such as Seema Malhotra and Jessica Alba who swear by the treatment and the effects, the mask has on their skin.

Rejuvenate your skin from the inside out

With the new skinboosters series, Restylane has enhanced its product range and offer a versatile treatment to rejuvenate, improve and repair the skin texture. The injectable treatment offers hydration to combat the upcoming months of icy winds and dry skin and simultaneously help repair the sun damage of the previous months by stimulating collagen. Suitable for all skin types, Restylane skinboosters hydrate from the inside for improved skin texture and a healthy, rejuvenated glow.

Bronze up for the holiday season

With the sun mostly gone and the sky clouded, tanning is no longer an option. The last bits of the summer holiday tan are disappearing now which can lead to a nostalgic summer blues. Keeping the bronzed and glowing skin alive, can help combat the longing for a tropical beach. Self-tanner mousses by b.tan are vegan-friendly, paraben-free and do not contain any harmful or unwanted additives which makes it the perfect self-tanner for the rejuvenating and regenerating autumn season. Looking fresh and glowing is easy when you show off the perfect, UV-free summer tan. B.tan offers a range of different colours and undertones to ensure everybody can find their perfect match.

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