Here at Fox Clinic Wholesale, we know it’s been an incredibly difficult time for our customers in light of COVID-19. In an industry that simply never stops with aesthetic trends constantly churning and customers always passing through, we’ve all had to adapt to a new way of life and one which may have meant pausing your aesthetics business. After what’s been light-heartedly named as the ‘zoom boom’, customers are now more likely to investigate injectable treatments than ever, as reported by Harper’s Bazaar.

As always, we’re here for a little extra support and some advice on how you can prepare for your clinic to open again.

Stay Connected

After the effects of COVID-19, the way in which aestheticians perform consultations may evolve into more digital appointments. Many clinics have reported their intentions to adopt Zoom/Skype-based appointments along with HD images to analyse the face prior to treatments.

Endorse Safety

The use of PPE and screenings will now become a social-norm for aesthetic treatments. Patients may be required to wear gloves, masks and even shoe covers or take part in a temperature check prior to the treatment taking place.

Educate Clients

As interest in injectables remains at a high level, clients must continue to stay educated on the procedures and products through social media channels. Now, more than ever, the importance of keeping your clients in the know is paramount.

Cut down on overlap

It may be necessary to cut down on your overlap of clients visiting your clinic. This means that appointments may now run on a one-in-one-out basis in order to leave ample time for cleaning treatment rooms post procedure.

Here at Fox Clinic Wholesale, we look forward to injecting confidence into your clinic and welcoming your customers back. To stock up on your favourite dermal filler, visit and place your order today.