This week’s brand spotlight shines its light on Teosyal. With 15 years in business, Teoxane Laboratories have established themselves as the manufacturer of a vast variety of different dermal fillers under their product identity: Teosyal. Fox Clinic Wholesale offers the innovative RHA range as well as the Puresense and Redensity ranges and adds one of the most innovative dermal filler brands to its portfolio.

One of Teosyal’s cutting edge product line is RHA. The line was created to adapt to the natural movements of the face and therefore looks and feels natural under the skin. The RHA range consists of four different filler ranging from RHA 1 to RHA 4. Each filler has a different density and is suitable for different wrinkles depending on their depths.

RHA 1 works best on fine lines around the eyes and the under-eye area. It’s able to stretch with the face, which is important during smiling, frowning or talking. If the smoothing out of more visible lines or the filling of thin lips is the goal, RHA 2 is the perfect choice. For natural looking lip results, RHA 2 offers subtle volume which will look and feel like natural lips. For deep wrinkles that RHA 2 can’t smooth out, RHA 3 is a great option to eliminate those persistent furrows. To restore lost volume in the face and augment facial features, RHA 4 the strongest product of the Teosyal RHA product line, was developed to do just that.

Another Teosyal product line Fox Clinic Wholesale offers is the Puresense range. All products within this range are supplied in two 1ml syringes which reflect the widespread use of this fillers. One of these products, Puresense Global Action, works best on smoothing out medium lines. Puresense Deep Lines is a great choice to smooth out severely deep lines and furrows.

For the most intensive treatment, Teoxane Laboratories have developed Puresense Ultra Deep. The pair of syringes offer targeted application on the most aged looking facial areas. The formula will support the skin tissue without rigidity.

For specific use on and around the lips, Puresense Kiss will smoothen lip wrinkles and add volume to the area. The supplied amount of filler offers enough product for noticeably fuller lips and extensive lip treatments.


The Teosyal Redensity range, Fox Clinic Wholesale offers, comprises of two different fillers: Redensity I and Redensity II. The main purpose of Redensity I is to give contour to the face and restore volume for a defined profile. Redensity II is especially suited for the treatment of under eye corrections and fine lines. The Redensity formula respects the natural face expressions and works with the tissue to preserve the natural appearance of the face.

Teoxane Laboratories created a wide variety of dermal fillers with their cutting-edge technology and were therefore a must have for Fox Clinic Wholesale who only offers the most innovative and high-quality products.