According to Forbes, more men than ever are now taking better care of their skin and are growing increasingly more concerned with preventing the effects for ageing. As a result, they are turning to dermal filler treatments that rejuvenate the skin and stimulate new collagen. The advantage of instant results and no recovery time also makes the procedures more desirable.

When it comes to dermal filler treatments, the biggest difference between men and women is that women tend to arrive at their appointments with a very specific idea of how they want to look post-treatment. It’s even common for women to enter the clinic with images they have seen on social media that represent the results they are after. Men, however, are quicker to trust that their aesthetician’s skills and expertise will guide them into selected the right treatment. Men generally ask to look better at pre-treatment consultations with no specific desires.

The stigma of men receiving dermal fillers is steadily decreasing, and even starting to become a norm as many are now reconsidering gender norms and stereotypes. However, it’s not something most men are posting on social media or openly discussing with their peers. With leading cosmetics brands such as Chanel, Fenty and Tom Ford now offering make-up for men, it’s obvious that outdated stigmas are beginning to chance.

REVOLAX Ambassador, Dr Mark Gorman commented, “As REVOLAX dermal fillers offer minimal downtime, this allows for many male clients to achieve a look that isn’t obvious that they’ve had a treatment performed. I find this is often helpful as their colleagues may comments that the client looks well-rested or brighter however, it may not be noticeable that a dermal filler treatment has been performed.”

With Harper’s Bazaar reporting men are most likely to opt for a chin and jawline treatment, many are looking to create a more masculine, defined look. Tear trough treatments now take second place on the leader board of popular treatments for males for professionals who want to look younger and feel more professional.

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