Part 1: How to Manage Your Customer’s Expectations

Expertise comes with education, practise and experience. Honing your craft takes time and patience, along with the ability to learn from each and every treatment carried out. However, the foundations that each treatment sits upon, is treatment planning. Treatment planning is much more than a box ticking exercise. Health and safety should be right at the forefront of any ethical practitioner’s mind and rightly so.


However, once the all-important medical questionnaire and consultation form has been filled in and discussed in detail, it is then important to have a full discussion with the customer about their expectations. Fully educate the client so that they are making a well-informed decision and are less likely to become an ‘unhappy customer’ post treatment.

Key points to discuss with the client:

  1. Cross-linked HA – What is it and how does it sit within the skins own tissue?
  2. What are the client’s expectations? Does the client understand the techniques that you will be using to achieve the desired look?
  3. Does the client fully understand the associated side effects i.e. swelling and bruising and that both can be a perfectly normal response? Equally are they aware of the methods/techniques you will be adopting to minimise the chance of this occurring?
  4. Is the client aware that end results will not be visible until a minimum of 2 weeks post treatment?
  5. Does the client understand that after 2 weeks post-treatment and once swelling has dissipated, they may have gotten used to the additional volume and feel that the filler is less noticeable?
  6. The importance of before and after photographs!

Talking through the above points should draw out any points of concern from both sides. It can also highlight clients that need to give the treatment further thought. However, these discussions will ensure a happier, well-informed client base that is not left overwhelmed or underwhelmed post-treatment and has a full understanding of the healing process.

As always, we would like to bring your attention back to the ‘less is more theory’, in experienced injectors this point becomes even more relevant. The placement and control of small amounts of filler will yield the best results and produce a contoured and natural finish that is buildable…yes, even in areas such as the cheek and cheekbone!

These are all aspects, methods and techniques that are taught at Fox Academy with our surgeon led Masterclass Revolax Training sessions. Click here for more details: Fox Academy and stay tuned for Part 2 of our series: “Be an Expert at Treatment Planning”.