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Opera LED Face Mask 

  • Stand Including Adaptable Holder
  • 10 x Hydrogel Masks
  • 2 x Cooling Eye Patches
  • Durable Storage Box
  • Online Skype Training
  • UK Marketing Material Package
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    – Patient Leaflets (3 x 20)
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Opera Face Mask

MODE 1: Red LED Light: 630nm + 830nm

  • Ideal for reducing down-time after Botox or Dermal Fillers, Lasers, Micro-needling, Chemical Peels etc.

  • Contributes to the improvement of sun damage.

  • Reducing redness, blemishes, scarring, raised moles and white spots (milia)
  • Fading freckles, age spots and pigmentation.
  • Collagen + Elastin boosting, firming and toning.
Opera Face Mask

MODE 2: Blue LED Light: 415nm + 830nm

  • Promotes an anti-microbial effect
  • Stabilizes sebum secreting glands which reduces over production of sebum.
  • Promotes skin rejuvenation.

  • Reduces redness.

  • Calms inflammation.

Opera Face Mask

MODE 3: Pink LED: 415nm + 630nm + 830nm

  • Stimulates mitochondrial and ATP within the skins cells which creates and extends the life of anti-aging enzymes.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties reduce swelling.
  • This mode is comprised of cycles of red, blue and pink light to combine the best of all 3 LED properties within one mode.
  • Produced in South Korea, the ‘OPERA’ LED Face Mask is the original 4D LED mask and is a reputable, leading, worldwide brand.
  • The state of the art OPERA LED technology used within the OPERA LED Face Mask is scientifically proven to rejuvenate the skin by achieving specific wavelengths of LED light exposure.
  • This, combined with an additional galvanic and oxygen mode, promotes the ultimate luxury facial that works at CELLULAR level for immediate and long lasting results!
  • The OPERA Mask has been used by celebrities across the world, such as Jessica Alba and celebrity dermatologist Shani Darden. The mask is backed by our UK key opinion leader’s – Harley Street Surgeon and specialist Aesthetic Doctor, Dr Sherif Wakil and “Skin Warrior” Emma Bennett .
  • As well as appearing on the Real Housewives of Cheshire and Orange County, the OPERA LED Face Mask has been publicized by major media powerhouses worldwide including multiple coverage on E-news. The OPERA Mask also made a star studded appearance on the Oscars 2017 red carpet

opera maskThe specific ‘OPERA’ LED Face Mask wavelengths emit non-visible infra-red light, visible red, blue and pink light that reach to cellular level within the skins layers to improve, heal and rejuvenate the skins look, tone and texture in a therapeutic and non-invasive manner.

OPERA LED Light works amazingly on skin complaints such as oily skin, dry skin, blemishes, large pore size, fine wrinkles, pigmentation, age spots, and scarring.

LED Light uses a variety of light wavelengths that penetrate the upper layers of the skin, regenerating normal cells and boosting the production of collagen and elastin. Studies have also shown that LED’s are said to inactivate certain enzymes inside the skin that damage collagen.

Near infrared rays reach through the skin to the subcutaneous layer and when combined with red, blue and pink light LED light, produce a synergistic effect that work through all 3 layers of the skin targeting all skin cells.

It is important to note that the specific wavelengths that each LED colour is comprised of is integral to the process. The wavelengths must operate specifically, in order to achieve any effect on the skin.

The primary effect of LLT (Low Laser therapy) occurs when light is absorbed in ‘cytochrome c oxidase’ a protein within the mitochondria of each cell.

When cells get stressed (perhaps due to disease, injury or ageing) the mitochondria produces nitric oxide (NO). This competitively displaces oxygen from the mitochondria, consequently reducing ATP (an essential intracellular cellular energy and extracellular signaling molecule) and causing an over production reactive oxygen species (ROS) which leads to oxidative stress. Oxidative stress increases inflammation and cell death via the gene transcription factor NF-Kb.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) of the correct wavelength and density, dissociates Nitric Oxide allowing oxygen back into the cell, so ATP is restored and oxidative stress reduced.

Once normal mitochondrial function is restored by LLLT then cell metabolism improves, and the cells normal function is restored.

scienceThe Science behind the ‘OPERA’ LED Face Masks and LED LIGHT

How OPERA LED light therapy aids the recovery process:

There are studies which have shown that LED’s have a positive effect on the body’s own natural recovery by speeding up cellular metabolic activity. The OPERA Mask LED lights may help to aid the recovery process via exposure of the skin particularly if the skin in the area is damaged.

The OPERA Mask Light emitting diodes (LED) helps to increase the production of the skins protein collagen, which helps improve skin rejuvenationnation including reducing redness, dryness and inflammation.

The specific wavelengths used in the OPERA Mask also stimulates the movement of macrophage cells. Macrophage cells are a type of white blood cell that work by engulfing and digesting cellular debris, foreign substances, microbes and anything else that does not have the types of proteins specific to healthy body cells. They also play a critical role in nonspecific defense (innate immunity) and also help initiate specific defense mechanisms (adaptive immunity) by recruiting other immune cells such as lymphocytes.

Another great response to OPERA LED light is skin proliferation (growth of new tissue) and increased angiogenesis, which refers to the formation of new blood vessels. This process controls and manipulates blood flow to the site of the injured tissue which helps to form and remodel vascular structures.

In short, the specific wavelengths of LED light used within the OPERA Mask has a profound effect when addressing cellular growth and repair but importantly does not directly change the compound of each cell, it has a stimulating effect, therefore is completely non- invasive.

The ‘OPERA’ LED Face Mask also has an optional galvanic function. The inside of the mask is fitted with removable galvanic ports / prongs which attach to the inside of the mask,these prongs sit on top of the skin’s surface and work by delivering a low level current to the 3 layers of skin.

The galvanic mode emits a low level electrical current. This has a dual purpose, the current stimulates muscle tone, by emitting a positive and negative charge. Whilst simultaneously increasing blood supply to the skins surface; which delivers oxygen and nutrients to the skins cells and removes waste which helps to purify the skin.

This mode is used in combination with ‘Ultra Hydrogel Masks’ which are used to conduct the galvanic current and provide added nutrients to the skin.

The galvanic motion passes through the hydrogel mask and massages the thick water based ‘gel’ layer deep into the skins epidermis which has an ‘ultra’ hydrating effect.


Dr Sherif Wakil Opera Mask

The Opera Mask is backed by Harley Street’s Dr Sherif Wakil, who is the official UK Key Opinion Leader.